• Charlie Schrock on the Phoenix History

    I became fascinated with Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mC2 at an early age. I aspired tobe an engineer, even though I did not understand the various disciplines of engineering thatexisted. Upon my arrival at the University of Michigan I learned that Nuclear Engineering wasamong the disciplines that I could pursue. For me, it was a […]

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  • James J. Duderstadt Remarks at the 2013 Michigan Energy Institute Symposium

    james duderstadt portrait

    One of the most significant initiatives of the University of Michigan following World War II was the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project, a major nuclear research program established by the University and funded by private gifts as a memorial to the 579 members of the Michigan family who gave their lives to the nation during WWII.  […]

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  • My Father John S. King

    father and daughter embracing

    To my childhood ear, the Beemo Floor was as familiar a name as any among the words that identified our daily household world. “Dad’s at work tonight at the Beemo Floor,” my mother would say. Or Dad would tell us he had to race off to check the machine on the Beemo Floor. “My Dad’s […]

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